Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

A solid understanding of personal finance is crucial for every household.

In a world of deregulated financial services and advisors with conflicted agendas, personal finance decisions are more important than ever. Yet few adults have a comprehensive understanding of the body of knowledge needed to make constructive household financial planning decisions. 

Personal finance content is available through our Pillars of Wealth initiative. The initiative provides a large amount of educational content spanning all major areas of personal finance, including: 

  • general financial planning
  • investing
  • budgeting
  • retirement planning
  • saving for children’s college education
  • managing household and student debt
  • assessing insurance needs (life, disability, home, auto, etc.)
  • engaging constructively with financial advisors
  • estate planning
  • reviewing employment contracts 

Spreadsheet templates, calculators, and links to additional resources are shared. The content is made available through a diverse set of media, including:

  • e-books
  • printed books
  • audiobooks
  • synchronous instruction (in-person or remote)
  • asynchronous online courses

The effort aims to minimize bias by excluding industry professionals (financial advisors, brokers, insurance agents) from content design and delivery.

This initiative focuses on education. No financial products are sold.

You can peruse the site at your leisure, or you can begin by reading this book online: e-Book 1: Personal Finance Essentials for Doctors. While the book's title specifies doctors (or other medical professionals), the content applies to any professional in any field.


Our value proposition rests on the following observations:

Unbiased – We don't sell financial products. Our allegiance is to our students.

Expert – We are finance scholars. Our content is factual and scientifically grounded.

Accessible – Content is available through multiple channels, including e-books, audiobooks, and webinars.

Relevant – Our content meets your needs and constraints as a professional.